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Receive a $500 gift card for a referred company that becomes a Mosaic opportunity*.
Get an additional $1,000 USD for a Mosaic opportunity that becomes a Mosaic customer*.

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How it works

Simply submit the info of the Finance decision-maker you'd like to refer, and if they turn into a Mosaic opportunity or Mosaic customer, you'll receive the following:

$500 USD
You'll receive a USD gift card for a referred company that becomes a Mosaic opportunity*.
+ $1,000
Plus, an additional $1,000 when a referred Mosaic opportunity becomes a customer*.

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“We had a system, but that system would not scale with our ambitions. Everything related to finance strategy needed to be done manually. We needed a better way to crunch the numbers and offer insightful guidance to stakeholders."

Tommy O Donnell
Manager, FP&A

“As the number of customers and products grew, we were tasked with finding a way to scale our workflows, analyze new business, and expand revenue against our existing base. This put pressure on finance to find faster ways to deliver insights in support of our vision."

Kanwar Saluja
COO at

“With Mosaic, we were able to move from a production line approach to an agile planning process. The automation features gave us 60% more time to focus on better forecasting."

Andrew Vernik
VP Finance

“The rate of growth we were experiencing was exciting. Mosaic was able to help us accelerate report prep time and insights to focus on more forward-looking discussions with our board."

Susan Phan
VP Finance

“To serve our customers and student community, quickly connecting global financial information was critical. Mosaic automated our global consolidation process enabling us to spend more time planning ahead - game-changer!"

Dylan Jensen
COO Forage

“We needed a way to provide compelling growth projections quickly and efficiently. Mosaic provided an all-in-one finance platform to help us drive clear and confident financial plans for investors."

Adam Gefkovicz

Referral Program FAQs

Can I participate if I don’t use Mosaic?

Absolutely! Customer or not, we’re happy to have anyone spreading the word about strategic finance to participate in our referral program.

What qualifies as a successful referral?

Through the form on this page, you must introduce Mosaic to someone who can make decisions about Strategic Finance software at a third-party company. You can’t refer yourself or a colleague at the company where you’re currently working. 

How do I track my referral status?

We’ll send you an email when you first submit your referral through the form on this webpage. From there, we’ll share additional updates via email as the status of your referral progresses. 

What kind of job title and companies make good referrals?

Mosaic’s platform is best suited for finance leaders (Finance Managers, Directors, and CFOs) at B2B SaaS companies with a minimum of $10M in Series A-D funding who are interested in purchasing a Strategic Finance Platform within the next 3 months.

When do I receive my referral incentive? 

Mosaic will award the incentive for referring a Mosaic opportunity within 30 days of Mosaic meeting the candidate. Mosaic will pay the incentive for a Mosaic opportunity that becomes a Mosaic customer within 60 days after such Mosaic customer has paid their annual contract fee.

How will I get paid?

You'll receive a $500 USD gift card for a referred company that becomes a Mosaic opportunity. You'll receive an additional $1,000 USD when a referred company becomes a Mosaic customer via ACH cash payment once all requested items have been submitted and completed as outlined in the terms and conditions.

Why was my referral not accepted?

If your referral is not a good fit (see what kind of title and companies Mosaic is best suited for above), is already in the process of purchasing Mosaic’s platform, is already a Mosaic customer or was previously a Mosaic customer, or if your referral has already been referred by someone else, you aren’t eligible for the referral incentive award. Please read the Referral Program terms and conditions for additional details.

How many companies can I refer to Mosaic? 

You’re welcome to refer as many companies as you’d like. 

How does a company that I refer become a Mosaic opportunity?

A referred company must meet the following criteria to be considered as a Mosaic opportunity:

  1. The company must be a B2B SaaS company, Series A-D with at least $10M in funding
  2. You must refer us to a contact with decision-making authority in the finance or executive department 
  3. Within 60 days of your referral, the contact must complete a discovery call with a Mosaic representative and expresses intent to purchase a Strategic Finance Platform within 90 days of such call.

If your referred company meets the criteria above, a Mosaic representative may deem them a Mosaic opportunity, subject to the terms of the Referral Program below. 

My referral became a Mosaic customer, so where is my referral bonus?

If it has been more than 30 days since you received an email that your second referral incentive award is being processed, please send an email to 

I have a question that wasn’t covered here. Who do I contact? 

Please email

Ready to refer and earn? 

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Referral Program Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in the Mosaic Finance, Inc. (“we”, “us” or “Mosaic”) referral program!

This referral program (the “Program”) offers you the opportunity to earn incentive rewards by referring qualifying companies to our strategic finance platform. To participate in the Program, you must abide by the terms on this webpage. We reserve the right to change these terms at any time or to terminate this Program for any reason. This Program is void where referral programs like this are prohibited or against the law. Companies and employees of Mosaic and their immediately family and household members are not eligible to participate in the Program.

A company that is referred to Mosaic through this webpage is a “referral” or “referred company”. A referred company that meets the qualifying criteria set forth on this webpage and that is accepted by Mosaic is a “Mosaic opportunity”. A Mosaic opportunity that enters into a customer agreement with Mosaic within 90 days after such Mosaic Opportunity’s initial referral is a “Mosaic customer”. Mosaic reserves the right to determine whether a referred company meets the criteria to be deemed a Mosaic opportunity or Mosaic customer.

If you refer a referred company that we later deem to be a Mosaic opportunity and/or Mosaic customer, Mosaic will contact you at the email address provided to us through the referral submission form. To receive your incentive rewards, you must promptly (but in any event, within 30 days) respond to all Mosaic requests and inquiries requesting information to deliver the incentive rewards (including, without limitation, requests for a completed Form 1099 and your government-issued identification cards).

This promotion is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. Mosaic and its agents (a) make no warranty, guaranty or representation of any kind concerning the incentive rewards, (b) disclaim any implied warranty; and (c) are not in any way responsible or liable for damage, loss or injury resulting from acceptance and use of any reward. You assume all liability for injuries or damages of any kind caused or claimed to be caused by participating in this Program, or by the acceptance, possession or use of any incentive reward. By participating, you hereby agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless Mosaic and its affiliates and their respective officers, directors, employees and agents, from any claim, injury, damage, liability or loss that may occur, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, from the participation in this Program.

Except where prohibited, disputes, claims and causes of action arising from this Program shall be resolved under the laws of the State of California (without reference to its principles), and you agree to submit any dispute to the exclusive state and federal courts located in San Diego County, California.